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What is Urban Adventure Club?

We are a welcoming community of adventurers from all over the world who love to connect with other like-minded people, explore new hobbies and interests, and build genuine friendships. 

Ocean beach bonfire


We know that making new friends as an adult is hard, especially if you're new to the city. We want to make it easier by:

  1. Saving you time by curating the best social events with awesome event creators
  2. Saving you money by getting the best deals for activities on your bucket list
  3. Bring together people who are also looking to make real connections

What do we do?

How do I join?

Do you love to travel?

We do too! We believe traveling is the best way to explore other cultures, try delicious new foods, and make life-long friends. We host a variety of trips including camping trips, ski trips, and trips to exotic destinations all over the world. Who knows where we'll go next!

Pub crawling around New Orleans with UAC