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Podcast Club IRL: Existential Threat from Engineered Pandemics [Partner]

  • Saturday, July 24, 2021
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • San Francisco (Will be disclosed to attendees only)
  • 8


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This is a UAC Partner event

What's this week's podcast about?

In this nearly 4-hour SPECIAL EPISODE, Rob Reid delivers a 100-minute monologue (broken up into 4 segments, and interleaved with discussions with Sam) about the looming danger of a man-made pandemic, caused by an artificially-modified pathogen. The risk of this occurring is far higher and nearer-term than almost anyone realizes.

Rob explains the science and motivations that could produce such a catastrophe and explores the steps that society must start taking today to prevent it. These measures are concrete, affordable, and scientifically fascinating—and almost all of them are applicable to future, natural pandemics as well. So if we take most of them, the odds of a future Covid-like outbreak would plummet—a priceless collateral benefit.

NOTE: The episode is a 3hr 41 min ride but we believe the content to be essential and pressing. Please start listening early!


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**PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PODCAST BEFORE ATTENDING THE EVENT. If you find you're unable to do so, please instead join one of our future events when you're able to prepare so that we can all be engaged in the discussion.


What's a podcast club?

It's like a book club for podcasts. Each week we discuss an episode from podcasters like Sam Harris, Ezra Klein, or Michael Shermer. We start off as a large group and spend most of the time chatting in smaller groups. Our conversations are casual and open. We encourage everyone to speak freely, respectfully, and concisely. To do this we try to adhere to Grice's Maxims:

Ultimately, the idea is to help each other think a little differently, learn a thing or two and have some fun.


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Host: Brandon U.

Registration Price
FREE for all members

The Plan
5:00 PM:
Meet at the location for intros
5:15 PM: Start of the Podcast
7:00 PM: Wrap up

What to Bring

Face Mask

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