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Lassen Volcanic National Park Exploration Excursion

  • Thursday, July 01, 2021
  • 5:00 PM
  • Sunday, July 04, 2021
  • 6:00 PM
  • Lassen Volcanic National Park
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  • Share with a guest for only $99 more
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We’re headed north to Lassen Volcanic National Park! Lovers of geology, tranquility, and nature are sure to love this holiday weekend getaway. The opportunities are endless as you can find boiling mudpots, lakes, lava caves, hot springs, and four different types of volcanoes (some active!) in this national park. 

We’ll start off with a magical 5 mile round trip hike of Lassen Peak with 2,000' elevation gain to the summit of nearly 10,500'. We’ll be rewarded with amazing views all the way up and incredible 360 degree views of the national park including Manzanita Lake from the summit. This is arguably the best vantage point to contemplate the power of the 1914-17 eruptions. 

Photo by from Pexels

Next we’ll check out some nearby steamy hydrothermal features such as boiling mudpots, roaring fumaroles, and sulfurous gases (rotten-egg smell). Bumpass Hell is where we’ll find one of the world’s hottest fumerols, Big Boiler, as it’s been known to reach up to 322 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you stay on the trail here! Sulphur Works boasts a 5-foot mudpot which is all that remains of an extinct volcano known as Mount Tehama. Little Hot Springs Valley features a chalk-colored hillside hilariously named Fart Gulch. The sulfur smells makes this area easily identifiable. 

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

We’ll spend Saturday at Manzanita Lake. If you aren’t too tired from the previous day's adventures, you can stroll along the lakeside trail to take in the beauty of the park and to get a different view of Lassen Peak. If the weather cooperates, you’ll be able to take some impressive pictures of Lassen Peak from the reflection on the lake. Canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards are available for rent.

Photo by Pietro de Grandi on Unsplash

After some fun at the lake, we’ll put on our jackets, bust out some flashlights, and explore Subway Caves, one of the largest lava tubes in the world. This natural phenomenon was formed when lava flowed in this area and crusted around the edges of a main flow that eventually emptied out to create a tunnel-like structure. 

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

After full days of exploring the park, we’ll head back to our lovely cabin in the woods. This mountain retreat is the perfect place to relax and unwind. There is a massive deck with tons of seating and a big fire pit. 

Image Credit: VRBO

This trip is sure to max out so register now to secure your spot for exploring the beautiful and serene Lassen Volcanic National Park for 4th of July weekend!


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Host: Andy

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IMPORTANT: A negative COVID-19 test is required to attend this trip.

This includes:
- Coordination of carpools to Lassen National Park and back
- 3 nights in a comfortable bed in our luxurious cabin in the woods
- All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
- Snacks (fruits, veggies, cheese, crackers, and desserts)
- All alcohol (beer, cider, wine, champagne, and mixed drinks)
- All beverages (water, tea, coffee, soda, and sparkling water)
- Games (board games, party games, and video games)
- Parties (karaoke and dance party)

IMPORTANT: Round-trip transportation costs are not included. Passengers are responsible for splitting gas/toll costs.

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The Plan

- Carpool to our cabin in the woods
- Settle in with a welcome drink and snacks
- Meet everyone else on the trip
- A light meal will be served
- Start of our holiday weekend!

- Breakfast at the house
- Drive to Lassen Volcanic National Park
- Hike Lassen Peak
- Explore hot springs and hydrothermal pools
- Drive back to our cabin
- Relax and unwind
- Dinner at the house
- Drinks and games

- Breakfast at the house
- Drive to Lassen Volcanic National Park
- Relax and hang out at Manzanita Lake
- Explore Subway Cave
- Drive back to our cabin
- Relax and unwind
- Dinner at the house
- Drinks, karaoke and dance party!

- Breakfast at the house.
- Pack up and check out by 10AM
- Explore more sights in the area
- Carpool back to SF
- Optional group lunch/dinner on the way home

The planned activities are all optional. You are free to do what you wish on this trip. 

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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