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How it all began

In the summer of 2014, I was working as a product manager at a Silicone Valley tech company, I lived in the Mission, and I had a great group of friends. On the surface everything looked great. However, deep down inside, I knew something was missing. 

I came to San Francisco with the dream of becoming an entrepreneur and building my own company. Everyday that went by felt like another step away from that dream.  I knew I needed a change, but I was afraid to take the leap. 

The trip that changed everything

That summer I had the incredible opportunity to attend the World Cup in Brazil. Those two weeks celebrating the World Cup, trekking through the Amazon rain forest, and partying on the beaches of Rio helped to clear my mind. I learned three important life lessons that guide me till this day.

  1. You have to listen to my gut and trust my instincts.
  2. You'll never feel ready. To start a company requires a leap of faith.
  3. The fear of failure is a lot less scary than the regret of never starting.  

Two weeks after coming home, I left my job to begin a new adventure.  

finding a problem worth solving

One problem that always bothered me was how difficult it was to make friends as an adult. It is hard to find the time to meet people because everyone is so "busy". Online dating and networking events were mostly a waste of time. And Meetups did not have many quality events. There was not an easy way to make new friends and have fun. 

That's why I started Urban Adventure Club. I wanted to build a community that made you feel welcome, connected you with other great people, and helped you explore and have fun in this amazing city. I wanted to build the community I wish I had when I first moved to San Francisco. I hope we will make your San Francisco experience a little more friendly and fun. 

Adventure On! 

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