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Frequently Asked Questions

general questions


      Event organizers & Volunteers

      1. Is there a mobile app I can use? 
      2. How do I add events to my external calendar? 

      general questions

      1. Are all your events based in San Francisco?

      Most of our events are based in San Francisco. However, we have organizers and regular events in the East Bay, North Bay, and South Bay. 

      2. What is the age range of uac club members?

      You must be 21+ to become a member. We do not have an upper age limit. Most of our members are between 25-45. 

      As long as you're okay with hanging out with people of all ages you will fit in just fine. 

      *Members can invite guests or children who are below 21 to events that don't involve bars or alcohol. 


      The refund policy differs depending on the event. 

      1. For most events, you must cancel at least 3 days before the event to get a full refund. 
      2. For events requiring pre-purchased tickets, the event host will set the cancelation deadline. 
      3. For trips, you must cancel at least 14 days before the trip to get a full refund. If you cancel more than 7 days before the event, you will get a 50% refund. Cancellations within 7 days will not receive any refund. 
      4. The cancelation policy for each event can be found on the invoice for that event. Please read the refund policy for each event carefully when registering. 
      5. Refunds are processed every Monday. It will take a few days for it to show up on your statement. 


      1. What are the different levels of membership? 

      There are three levels of membership: Premium, Virtual, and Basic.

      Premium members pay $25/month. You can pay quarterly or annually for a discount. 

      1. $10 discounts on all events with registration fees.
      2. Exclusive premium member only events. 
      3. Priority registration for the most popular events. 
      4. $50 discounts for all trips. 
      5. Premium Member only Facebook group. 
      6. Premium Member raffles and gifts. 
      7. And more to come! 

      Virtual members pay $15/month.

      1. Attend all virtual events at the Premium member price. 
      2. Attend in-person events open to the public. 
      3. No access to members only in-person events. 

      Basic members pay $5/month.

      1. Attend events at the Basic member price. 
      2. No access to Premium Only events. 

      2. How do I upgrade/switch my membership?

      If you are a Premium, Virtual, or Basic member, then you need to first cancel your current membership. Then you can switch to any other membership that is available. 

      If you are not a current member, then you can upgrade to any membership at anytime. 

      3. How do I cancel my membership?

      You can cancel your membership at anytime from within your profile. 

      4. What do the membership dues pay for? 

      It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to plan and organize all the events on the Urban Adventure Club calendar. In fact this is Andy's (the founder) full-time job! The dues also help pay our website costs, insurance, business taxes, credit card fees, and a variety of other expenses we won't bother you with. 

      5. What is expected of a member? 

        Here are a few expectations of an Urban Adventure Club member
        1. You are expected to show up to events you register for. Being a no-show shows a lack of respect for the host and the other attendees. Don't be a no-show. 
        2. You are expected to be inclusive and welcoming to others. This is not high school and we don't like cliques. 
        3. You are expected to be engaged in the activity. Please put your phones away and talk with the people around you. You didn't come out to be on your phone! 
        4. You are responsible for your behavior at all times. Alcohol is no excuse to behave poorly. 
        5. You are expected to be respectful to others at all times. Bullying, harassment, and intolerant behavior will be reported and dealt with swiftly. 

        6. Is there a referral program?

        Yes! If you refer a friend and they become a new member, you will EARN CASH and your friend will get a bonus month of membership. They essentially get 2 months for the price of 1! 

        Referral cash bonuses:

        • New Premium Member: $25
        • New Virtual Member: $15
        • New Basic Member: $5

        Just make sure they put down your full name in the referrer box when signing up. 

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        1. WHat do the registration fees pay for?

        The registration fees for events is how we pay the UAC organizers for their time and effort.

        The fees are calculated based on the number of attendees for an event, and the duration of that event. Larger events with more attendees will usually have a lower registration fee than smaller events with fewer attendees.

        For example, a dinner event with 5 attendees may have a registration fee of $10. A happy hour event with 10 attendees may have a registration fee of $5. In both cases, the total fees collected is $50, which is then paid to the organizer. 


        We do take attendance at our events and no-shows are counted. We will give people the benefit of the doubt in most cases. However, since no-shows make events difficult to plan for, repeated no-shows will result in the removal of the member from the club. 

        3. How do i see all my registrations?

        You can see all your upcoming registrations from your profile page. Just click on My Event Registrations. 


        Unfortunately there is no easy way to add a guest to your registration if you have already registered. You can cancel your registration and register again with a guest. If you have already paid a fee to RSVP, then please send us an email at and we will add your guest for you. 


          The only way to cancel your RSVP is from the website. On the event registration page, under the register button, there is an already registered link. Click on that link and you can cancel your registration. 

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          Event organizers & VOLUNTEERS

          1. Who are the event hosts of Urban Adventure Club? 

          The event hosts for Urban Adventure Club are either organizers, volunteers, or event partners. 

          Organizers and volunteers are UAC members who decided to step up and take on more responsibility. They organize most of the events for the club to share their passions and to build our community. 

          We also work with partner organizations that align with our values and can offer high quality events for our members. 

          You can see the list of our organizers, volunteers, and partners here

          2. How do i become an organizer or Volunteer?

          We always welcome new event organizers and volunteers. If you are interested in hosting an event or just curious about hosting, please fill out this form here. You can also email Andy at for more information. 

          3. What do uac organizers or volunteers have to do? 

          UAC organizers have to commit to hosting at least 2 events every calendar month. These can be in-person or virtual events. Volunteers are free to host events whenever you're available. 

          If you have your own event ideas that's great! Our team will help draft and post the events to the calendar. If you need help brainstorming event ideas we can help too! 

          4. What are the benefits of being an uac organizer? 

          1. Get paid by members for hosting fun events
          2. Get paid by members for trips you organize
          3. Attend trips you host for FREE
          4. FREE Premium Membership while actively hosting
          5. Organizer swag & gifts
          6. Best way to make friends quickly in UAC

          Apply here


          1. Is there a mobile app I can use? 

          There is a mobile app, but unfortunately it is only for iOS users. An Android version of the app is being developed as we speak. 

          2. How do I add events to my external calendar? 

          There are three ways to add events to an external calendar (Google/Apple/Outlook).
          1. From the Events page, you can click on an events, and use the Add to Calendar button on the popup window. 
          2. From the event details page, you can click on the Follow Our Calendar link, which will allow you to import all events to your personal calendar. 
          3. From the mobile app, you can directly add an event to your calendar from the event details page. 

          Do you have a question we haven't answered? Please email us at

          Give the gift of new adventures and new friendships for the new year!

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