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60 Second Friendship Tips

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15 COVID safe activities in the Bay Area

You can still have fun in San Francisco during a pandemic!

Here are 15 fun but COVID safe activities that we offer at Urban Adventure Club.

1. An Afternoon of Wine Tasting on Treasure Island



Each month we will feature a story from one or more of our members. This month, we take a look at the romantic journey of Rabab & Aaron that started at a pub trivia. 

When did you join UAC?

Rabab: January 2017

Aaron: June 2018

At which event did you first meet?

Pub Trivia at Blackthorn Tavern

What do you remember about the first meeting?

Rabab: His cuteness aside ;), I noticed he was very engaging and genuine with everyone in the group. Oh and we couldn’t stop talking.

Aaron: I was working East coast hours and had to wake up at 5 AM, but when our trivia group suggested a late night bite after we won I couldn’t resist joining just to keep talking with her

When did you start dating?

Rabab: A month after we met. We’ve been together for almost two years now.

Aaron: After a few more trivia nights, just about a month after I moved to SF!

Tell us a bit about your first date?

Rabab: Since we were neighbors, we kept it local and casual. We met up at The Taco Shop at Underdog for some Nick’s Way tacos and because it was going so well we headed to Little Shamrock for a nightcap. Best Friday the 13th ever!

Aaron: It was Friday the 13th and we kept joking about how it was an omen. Almost two years later I guess it was a lucky one

Any exciting plans for the future?

Rabab: Lots but not jinxing it for now

Aaron: 😉

Best of luck you guys! We’re very happy for you.  😃🙌

Top 10 Virtual First Date Tips for Men

Gentlemen, the dating game has changed...

The coronavirus pandemic has shutdown in person dates and made it virtual. The new normal involves text chats, video calls, and DFH (Date from home). To help you survive and thrive in this new age of dating, here are my Top 10 Virtual First Date Tips for Men.

The advice is based on my experience hosting 50+ virtual events, including the virtual dating show The Blind Dating Game. I have personally witnessed what works on virtual dates and I'm here to help you step up your game. 


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