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our mission

We believe

The quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life.

To grow as a person, we must challenge ourselves and get out of our comfort zone.

Life is an adventure; let's go out, explore, and have fun with it!

The Urban Adventure Club Mission

To build local communities for people to meet, connect, and develop meaningful relationships.

To create opportunities for personal growth through learning new skills, trying new activities, and exploring new places.

To help people add more fun and adventure into their lives. 

What we offer

The best local experiences including food, drinks, culture, music, outdoors, and travel. 

Professionally organized and hosted events that bring together a community of like-minded people. 

A welcoming host and a safe environment where you can connect with exciting new people and have fun! 

Our events

Adventure: Zip-lining, skydiving, white water rafting, mountain biking, go-karting

Food: Dinners, brunches, picnics, BBQs, potlucks, cooking lessons, food crawls

Drinks: Happy hours, pub crawls, wine/beer/spirit tastings, cocktail making, beer brewing, guest bartending

Outdoors: Hikes, camping trips, backpacking trips, river tubing, kayaking

Culture: Art walks, live music, music festivals, holiday celebrations, outdoor movies, symphony, craft nights

Sports: Skiing, snowboarding, tennis, soccer, bubble soccer, kickball, beach volleyball

upcoming events

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Phone: +1 (347) 549-9648

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